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Scrum Gathering 2015 In Phoenix





Also ...

  • Biggest reminder - reinforce notion that we must be getting closer to potentially shippable each and every sprint - and that if we are not, then we aren't really getting better. Psi's help and are a step in the right direction, but we must be more aggressive. Make a list of what is stopping you from getting there, prioritize and work. Story is that Jeff Sutherland is surprised by the number of people doing scrum that aren't getting there.
  • Conference idea: petkakucha - 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, auto advance. One after the other in a morning session
  • Conference idea: ignite sessions - people put idea and contact onto a piece of paper and stick to a wall of something they want to talk about. Each session is 1/2 hour. Process goes all day the day before they are scheduled. Others vote on what they want to see. Ones with most votes are selected for session. Winners are announced at evening party.
  • Contact (Jill Paul at Scrum Alliance) re volunteering for next years event
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