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Rationale, Or "Why do I have this set of pages?"

I've been working on Agile transformations since 2007, mostly in large organizations. It is natural in these organizations that you capture documentation, the knowledge, about the new ways of working, the new events, roles, processes and practices, as you transform. Making this information available to all helps everyone both in terms of overall understanding, in terms of overall standardization of the approach taken by the organization, and makes the path a little easier for all.

Previously I've established two of these knowledge bases. Those second times was a total reinvention of the first because they were effectively proprietary to the organization that did the transformation. This is sad as there was a lot of duplication in these two knowledge bases which, let's face it, is not a surprise as the kinds of questions people ask from organization to organization is not that different at the core.

Rather than go through this process again, I decided to build my own knowledge base so I don't waste time going through this process again; this has worked out.

Working through this knowledge base gave another benefit. As people ask questions, as we work through answers, I capture these ideas and add them into the knowledge base. What started as a set of data pretty much about Scrum at the Team level in a product development shop has broadened into a fair wider knowledge base incorporating lean and agile concepts across an entire organization.

In addition, writing things down also helps me refine my thoughts (its hard to skip steps in logic when you write things down) and so I've found the knowledge base also helps me think things through.

So what you see is a knowledge base built up over time based on questions that people have asked as we work through transformations. Pretty cool, I think.

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