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Agile tools:

  • Trello: Useful Kanban board for all kinds of purposes
  • Slack: Useful discussion tool for Teams
  • Zoom: Video conference tool
  • Idea Boardz: Useful “card” oriented board to collaborate and brainstorm. Very useful for retrospectives, especially in remote situations.
  • Instant Agenda: Useful tool “lean coffee” oriented tool to collaborate and brainstorm.
  • The Nouns Project: Source for “free” icons
  • Pexels: Source for “free” images

As I set up my business, I come across tools I find useful. Perhaps you are looking for things like this as well:

  • Free Conference Call: Does exactly what it says. You set up an account on the Website and can then do conference calls for free. Pretty nice.
  • Dokuwiki Wiki system: I like the idea of a place where I can store information that is beyond a file service (hint to Dropbox et al - offer this type of application to put structure around files :-)). This is a personal place to capture “stuff”. This page you are looking at is part of my wiki and uses Dokuwiki.
  • Wordpress blogging platform: Pretty much “the” blogging platform. Started using this but stopped in the end.
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