Powerful Pictures


Sometimes seeing a picture really does help in understand. This page collects a number of pictures, graphs and charts that are scattered over the blog with links that help understand information about what they present.

The Economic Benefit of Doing One Thing at a Time

Deliver Early to Improve Economics

Start Early to Improve Economics

Why (Near-)100% Utilization Actually Reduces Productivity

See What Is Wrong With 100% Utilization Thinking? for more information. The result is known as the Kingman’s Formula.

Why Large Batches of Work Actually Reduces Productivity?

Why High Utilization Rates Make It Impossible to Create Good Estimates?

Why We Should Work Hard To Remove Dependencies

How Should We Prioritize Delivery of Value?

How Should We Engage with an Agile Coach?

What Are the Benefits of an Agile Transformation?

Note: Original source is VersionOne “State of Agile”

What Are The Challenges of an Agile Transformation?

Note: Original source is VersionOne “State of Agile”

What Options do the Team Have When a Iteration Demo is Complete?

How Should We Break Down Requirements?

How Do We Move from Break-in to Planned Work?

How Does Multi-tiered Product Management Work?

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ideas_on_presenting_ideas, 2017/01/12 13:26 (Trackback)
Ideas on Presenting Ideas To me, a lot of agile is about helping people understand not only what to do but also why things work and provide the thinking tools that allows them to apply agile approaches in their context. I've seen a lot of presentations, training, conference talks and so on and decided to start collecting a few of these over time.
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