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Alan Dayley - Freedom To Align



Multi-team release planning with a Product Wall brings alignment of business strategy down to daily Sprint work. Freedom to align on value!

Learning Objectives:

  • Alignment across the program is a powerful force to create business results
  • Detailed information on running your own Product Wall Release Planning Workshop
  • Understands that multi-team planning can be fun and highly valuable
  • Saw the combination of Agile and Scrum ideas applied at a program level
  • Experienced a new planning technique or two that can be used immediately


  • Content rating (0-no new ideas, 5 - a new ideas/approach, 9-new ideas): 5 (wall presentation)
  • Style rating (0-average presentstion, 5 - my level, 9-I learned something about presenting): 3 (too much content for time)

Action / Learning

  • Reinforce this as an idea to get everyone aligned and basic high level execution plan in place
  • Find out structure of basic board - what is on the tickets.
  • Document / update release planning approach - perhaps conduct a session.
  • Read Jeff Pattons book on story mapping
  • Get with Amy and discuss fit of personas and story mapping into what they are doing.



Product wall release workshop

Expected results. Clarity of purpose Dependencies visible Etc

Get everyone involved Means everyone pulls in the same direction

Activity - vision creation

Vision pitch

From Jeffrey Moore For Who The Is a That Unlike Our product

Vision exercise If we already have it, use it.

Engagement is not created by 70 slides Clear distinct statement of value

20 minutes at most May prepare ahead of time

Product management lead

Activity - Business model canvas

How does this product make money (or create value for internal products)

From lean startup

Group exercise Stickies into quadrants

Customer segment Value prop Channels Customer relationships Revenue streams Cost structure Key resources Partners

Lead - eg who are our customers? Stickies. Fill in every box

May take an hour to complete. May want to prepare ahead of the team else 100 people could take a long time

Roadmap creation

Looking out to the future

Say by PSI Color code by committed vs not

Define by epics

20 minutes

Activity - persona creation

Could be Demographic persona Empathy map - get into their head - think feel, hear, see, what do they say do, pains, gains

If you have them, use them Perhaps marketing person has them

Split into adhoc persona teams lead by a product manager

Regroup and present

May take 1.5 hours

Activity - release vision create

Have each team create their view of their vision

Then figure out the most important

Write elevator pitch

Less than an hour

Activity - user story mapping

Book - Jeff Patton

Capabilities the user needs Ways to accomplish those goals Then slice vertically per release

Discussion above / below line

At epic group / feature groups

Have an experienced story mapping facilitator

May spend several hours on this

Activity - Product Wall Creation

Teams, dependency, state

Which team Which team dependent on it State is in progress, done etc done by colored code cards

Take stuff from story map and start building the wall

Vertical columns are sprints Horizontal lines are feature group / epics lane

Make a swag where things should go. Talk about dependencies at this stage as you are doing it

45 mins to build first wall

Review Each team goes up talk about where there things are

Sprint story planning (not really planning - just does it fit)

Each team goes away for an hour

Come back - anything we did that changes product wall Also update the story map

Repeat - sprint 2 and sprint 3

Estimate during the sprint planning But really it's just “can this fit into sprint 1?” Then

See sample agenda

Have some pre-work to build canvas and what we might want

We commit to get the items of the 4 sprints done And leave 2 sprints empty

Have retrospective of the workshop

If remote alternatives include Set up as synchronous activity - someone stays up late Or setup so you split the work by location -

Story map is definition of user experience Not definition of the work to be done

Keep it up to date Scrum of scrum say twice a week Team representative 15 mins Cart with high res video We worked on this Have you started on our dependency Update cards, highlight dependencies

If it's not turning green then release is in trouble

Card is work that can be completed in one sprint

Example was 8 teams, two off site

Own and improve as you go

Scrum masters watch for improvement needs

Story mapping exercise What takes to go to work in the morning What are your goals What are your activities

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