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Jim McCarthy - Freedom Culture Design And Our Possible Destiny


A culture is the set of shared attributes, values, goals, and practices that both describes and shapes a group. Our era is increasingly characterized by an emergent “software culture.” Not only is software itself creating much of our global wealth, but the unique challenges of creating out software have demanded wholly new types of engineered corporate culture from us. Various high tech development disciplines have been articulated and “packaged up.” In response to the demands of software, we have created several seminal management “movements” (such as Agile, Scrum, XP, etc.). These movements represent the birth of culture design. Culture hacking is a distinct kind of culture design. Culture hacks express a particular hacker ethos, an ethos originating in freedom and the world of software hacking. Good culture hacking will tend to promote freedom, extend openness, and embody rationality and design elegance. As our culture becomes increasingly and fruitfully hacked, we will grow in effectiveness and ambition and will bring more and more problems into scope. This could trigger an unprecedented Golden Era, an age of unparalleled magnificence.

That will depend on whether we few early adopters of culture design accept our greatest challenge: to live freely.


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Action / Learning

  • Revisit core protocols for team - time to get this out?
  • Richard stallings



Wrote the “Core protocols”

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