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"SAFe - Past, Present and Future" by Dean Leffingwell

Current state of play and view of materials


Dean Leffingwell


  • Content rating (0-no new ideas, 5 - a new ideas/approach, 9-new ideas): 6
  • Style rating (0-average presentstion, 5 - my level, 9-I learned something about presenting): 4


Action / Learning

  • Book “The Rollout” by Alex Yakma
  • Look into new training materials


“Distributed multinational development is what we do” - Alex did remote, Dean local.

See ourselves as a learning company As of today lean and agile are the best we know Build a really great IP stack

We rank higher because it works Agile teams are more fun More fun to be on high performing team

Agile to larger enterprise but without killing it

SAFe is work in progress, not done

Significant number of agile teams that require coordination through synchronized and cadence

Framework is unique as it has a UI - it's the big picture Made it approachable Need to have a noun - you want to buy a noun - Scaled Agile

Expand to help build of cyber-physical systems Not just IT

What is lean approach to cyber-physical systems? System of systems as well And it's part of the portfolio (it's our system)

Need to talk about a system of systems - value stream

“You cannot be smarter than your customer” – Alex Yakma “You cannot ever have diversity of opinion with yourself” – Dean Leffingwell

Old courses didn't have notion of “flow” which is critical

Use of “live polls”

Safe introduction white paper

Live lessons. Leading SAFe 4.0

Read about HR as well with SAFe

Book “The Rollout” by Alex Yakma

Tried a lot of different models in their executive team. Started scrum, then kanban, then walked toward it a lightweight scrum

Expecting a public SAFe for teams as well.

Expecting RTE course is soon.

Friendliest but toughest program manager And the best architect - could understand the system

Seeing more hardware Designing for integration points

Seeing more recognition - more than one transformation Spct and fellow program - thinkers

Planning event - let the people who know how to build it plan the work

Safe implementation roadmap - something for Exxon? Includes toolkits

Book jez humble / gene Kim new book

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