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One on one with meeting Dean Leffingwell. Through icon.



  1. Velocity impacted by project based cost accounting
  2. Product companies not issue
  3. Lose knowledge as temporary structure - persistent knowledge
  4. Project - Temporary work for temporary resources
  5. Allocate the money, but haven't spent it yet, decision about what get built is still with business
  6. “Want to do this feature now”
  7. Flow also impacted
  8. Ability to control spend without timesheet
  9. ROI is a trailing indicator. Need an implicit ROI
  10. Real way to do capex policy in blog post
  11. Greenfield waterfall to safe, easier than if started with existing agile team
  12. Need the uniform paradigm - safe
  13. Start with easy value stream
  14. Remind people. Resource pool (lean idea, not agile)
  15. Leadership get used to it. But problem when a group is not included
  16. Break down silos - Start with “permission to plan” together - based on value flow - then couple with t-shirts
  17. Mission is then clear produces different behaviors
  18. Create the environment that is different
  19. Something magic about putting people in a room
  20. Don't think about levels. Think about how the value flows
  21. Need to tease out operational vs value streams for large it shops
  22. More than 100 people cannot work together
  23. Look like Parthenon
  24. Thinking tools to tease the complexity apart
  25. C level - talk about lean
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