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Who is responsible for orchestrating and facilitating the System Demo?

The System Demo is scheduled on a cadence. The typical pattern for Systems Demos (and the guidance from SAFe) is:

  • “All the team demos, then system demo”. The System Demo is expected to be complete before the next set of Iteration (Team) Reviews (for the next iteration).
  • System Demos are often scheduled about one week after Iteration (Team) Reviews to start with.

In general there are three key roles that orchestrate and facilitate the System Demo:

  • The Product Management team determine the story that we are telling people, including what and how to demonstrate functionality. Since they are closer to the customer and other stakeholders they also determine who should be invited to the System Demo.
  • The System Team works with the teams on the train to ensure we have a combined, integrated system from which to demonstrate, per system level definition of done.
  • In general, the Release Train Engineer (RTE) sets up the event and takes care of facilitation so that Product Management can concentrate on the content.
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