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What Are the Responsibilities of a Product Owner?

The main responsibilities of a Product Owner are:

  • Responsible for maximizing the value delivered by the Team
  • Content Authority for the Team
    • Owns Team Backlog
    • Prioritizes the Team Backlog
    • Maintains the Team Backlog
  • Accepts stories when they have been validated
  • Participates in reviewing and contributing to the vision and roadmap
  • Works with team to prioritize technical Enablers
  • Makes the hard calls on scope and content
    • Pivot, Preserve, or Stop
    • Adjusts the Team Backlog based on feedback from customers and stakeholders
    • Adjusts based on on current conditions (e.g. changing business conditions, changing Team capacity)
  • Ensure Team has clarity on the requirement
  • Coordinates with other POs and stakeholders to identify dependencies
  • Balances between delivering new functionality and reducing technical debt
  • Works with the Team to refine work Backlog items
  • Work with Scrum Master to adjust execution plans, priorities, etc.
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