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What Anti-patterns Do You See with the System Demo?

  • Not having a System Demo
  • A System Demo that is just the Team Review as a combined meeting
  • No feedback from participants in the System Demo
  • The content of the System Demo “surprises” the Product Management team
  • Great demo, but no one knows where are up to in the PI
    • Or System Demo doesn’t show metrics of progress
  • System Demo is not showing the work on a single “close to production” system
  • System Demo only talks about Features and does not reference PI Objectives
  • The System Demo is more a PowerPoint presentation or discussion than a demonstration of real working software
  • Related, the System Demo doesn't use real data and real scenarios, but rather test data, to show the working system
  • System Demo does not talk about what happened to the feedback that was previously provided
  • Spending too much time preparing for the System Demo
  • Team members of the ART are not invited to the System Demo
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