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How Does Project Management Change with Agile?

Or “What is the impact of Agile on an PMO?”


I have seen this type of deck in other places, but cannot find it easily so I’ve created something that can be used to help people understand.

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These materials were created assuming that the PMO function will be required. There is a school of thought that some of this changes over time. The thinking is that customers are not necessarily interested in projects, but rather the on-going delivery of value.

The project structure might or might not be the best way to achieve. An alternative structure would be one focussed on the value stream (products and solutions), continuous funding of work aimed at producing the next most valuable item and so on. While this approach certainly works it may not work in the case for, for example, very large projects involving many players.

Changes in budgeting, management, structuring beyond the IT organization are require if organizations want to move to this approach, and so is often approach, if worked, is usually set up as a “phase 2” part of the change an organization goes through.

The above deck was built assuming a “phase 1” approach - to situate organizations that have a PMO and are working an Agile transformation.

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