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How Do We Know Definition of Ready Is Being Successfully Applied?

We know the Definition of Ready is being successfully applied when:

  • There is a smooth flow of top priority (business perspective) Stories to the Teams
  • For each Team there is enough Ready Backlog for at least 2-3 of Iterations (Sprints) at any given time.
  • Story is well understood by the Team and uses language everyone comprehends (e.g. avoid acronyms, jargon, and superfluous words)
  • Iteration (Sprint) planning results in a plan that seems relatively low-risk
  • Clear understanding of how the results can be demonstrated to customers and other stakeholders to solicit feedback during an Iteration (Sprint) Review.
    • NOTE: Think of the user voice format and acceptance criteria as the “script” that you will use when you demonstrate the story at the Iteration Demo.
  • Team is set up to up to quality Stories, with limited requirement defects
  • Team consistently adheres to Definition of Ready criteria
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