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How Can We More Formally Capture an Experiment?

Often we see people say things like “lets experiment” but then you notice that actually never go back and revisit the results.

To combat this, it is useful to set up a more formal written experiment so that you specify things like what the experiment is, what kind of results you are expecting, how you will measure the results and the time box for the experiment. 

Below is a template that might help you think this through.

Experiment Template

Context and Idea

Background information on the experiment, if required.


We hypothesize by <implementing this change>

we will <solve this problem>

which will have <these benefits>

as measured by <this measurement>


<I think this will happen with a 60% chance (treat it like a bet), for example, chance on that>

<I think this will happen …>


<Is there something we can do to disprove the hypothesis>

<Disprove …>

How Will We Know?

Data: <what data will we track>

Tracked by: <who will track the data>

Time-box: <when we will review the results>


TBD <the results you have seen, including view of the “expectations” and other related observations>


TBD <as a result of this experiment, what will you do next>

Want to Know More

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