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2015 Completed Events


Event Type Location Date Comments
SAFe Program Consultant v4.0 Certification Virtual 2015-12-28 SPC4 Certification
Effective Testing (QA) Certification Virtual 2015-12-21 Certification through ICAgile
Business Analyst (BA) Certification Virtual 2015-12-17 Certification through ICAgile
Agile Requirements Train Virtual 2015-12-14 14 PDUs, 14 CDUs
Agile for Construction Train Denver 2015-12-10 75 people. Training / Adapting / Coaching
Agile Boot Camp Training Charlotte 2015-12-07 20 people. Training. 21 PDUs
Product Owner Training Train / Coach Norman 2015-12-03 18 people. Started as standard training but client turned into bespoke course aimed at “what's next”. 14 PDUs
Agile Boot Camp Train Bentonville 2015-11-30 17 people. Training. 21 PDUs
Team / organization onsite Coach Boise 2015-11-09 Help get team kick started, work organizational issues
Team / organization onsite Coach Boise 2015-11-02 Help get team kick started, work organizational issues
General Certification Certification Virtual 2015-10-27 Certification through ICAgile
Team Kickoff Train Boise 2015-10-26 11 people. Training / setup
Agile Boot Camp Train / Coach Bentonville 2015-10-20 23 people. Training and coaching. 21 PDUs
Team Kickoff Train Des Moines 2015-10-13 20 people. Training and coaching
Initial review / goals set Assessment Des Moines 2015-10-06 Meet with leadership team to determine goals
Introduction to Scrum Workshop Sioux Falls 2015-09-29 105 people in room. 7 PDUs, 8 CPEs
PO Training Workshop Hartford 2015-09-24 Small group focussed on “big data” application. 14 PDUs
Scrum / Agile Lunch and Learn Workshop Huntsville 2015-09-21 Focussed Agile event
SAFe Program Consultant Attend Cincinnati 2015-09-14 Training with Icon
Agile Introduction Train Virtual 2015-09-10 7 PDUs, 8 CPEs
Agile Testing Workshop Virtual 2015-08-27 Focussed Agile event. A view of testing philosophy / approach
Making Scrum Work (Level 2) Workshop Huntsville 2015-08-25 Huntug users meeting - see materials
Agile Requirements Train Virtual 2015-08-24 14 PDUs, 14 CDUs
Scrum at Scale Webinar Attend Virtual 2015-08-19 My notes
2015 Agile Conference Attend Washington 2015-08-03 My notes
1/2 Day Agile Scrum Refresher Train Huntsville 2015-06-08 Updated materials
2015 Scrum Gathering De-brief Present Worldwide 2015-06-06
Agile Alliance Virtual Conf. Attend Online 2015-05-15
2015 Scrum Gathering Attend Phoenix 2015-05-04 My notes
External Organization Kickoff Train Coach Belo Horizonte 2015-04-27 4 teams, new Agile
Improved Forecasting and Risk Train Worldwide 2015-04-22 Monte Carlo / #noestimates
Confluence 5.7 Upgrade Train Worldwide 2015-04-09
Marketing team(s) Train Atlanta 2015-03-31 Adapt Scrum / Agile
Internal Conference Organize Huntsville 2015-03-18 Peer “Scrum” conference
IT team(s) Train Huntsville 2015-02-02 Adapt Scrum / Agile

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