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“You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday” - Gregg Lederman

Give people what they CRAVE and good things happen.

Overwhelming evidence supports this. In fact, more than eighty years of research proves the idea that humans have three primary cravings at work that, once fulfilled, make them happier and more productive. Yet, despite billions of dollars spent to improve employee motivation, most businesses still suffer from a lack of engagement.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Gregg Lederman provides a field-tested and science-backed pathway to improving engagement and the overall customer experience.

What You’ll Learn:

* The secret to achieving more than 90 percent employee engagement * How to invest 10 Minutes by Friday™ to become a better leader * A step-by-step process to master the Ultimate Habit™ for accelerating business results

About the Speaker:

Gregg Lederman has made it his personal mission to help companies engage their workforce to deliver a branded experience that engages customers and drives sales and profits. His work along with the work of the team at his company, Brand Integrity, has helped many of today's leading companies such as: Wegmans Food Markets, Chobani, AAA, Erickson Living and Excellus to create work environments where employees can become more motivated and committed to delivering the experience: that makes them different. That makes them better than the competition.

Gregg's valuable insights are documented in his two-time award-winning book, Achieve Brand Integrity, which offers practical and inspirational advice for everyone who has a stake in orchestrating strategy development and change in their company.

As an internationally-known professional speaker, Gregg delivers dynamic and interactive keynotes and educational programs to associations, conferences, and corporate and university environments. Participants consistently rate Gregg among the very best of speakers.


* Content rating: 3 (nothing really new, some good data) * Style rating: 0 (a lot of babble, could have been done way faster)

Felt like I am listening to a “buy” something on home shopping channel




Three proven cravings that employees have

Powerful habit, any leader can deploy Result in 90% employee engagement Result In “Best place to work”

Good news Simple, easy to do

Bad news Easy not to do

Lots of preamble about how wonderful this experience is going to be. Where’s the meat? 7 mins already

Open mind Engage with me Commit to take action - action trumps learning

2/3 are not engaged or actively disengaged at work (18 years, same statistics) This is changeable But hasn’t changed even with all those engagement programs Spending big, impact little - nearly $8B 29 to 33% improvement from 2013 to 2017

Fred Herzberg 80 years of research - Social scientists have been working

4 year study 1955-59 “The motivation to work” Two primary motivations Influence attitudes and actions

1. Achievement - feeling accomplishment, relevance, purpose, meaning 2. Recognition - others notice and praise

93% and 73% more impactful than pay increase

If you inherited enough money to live comfortably, would you still work 80% yes Desire to do something interesting, sense of accomplishment, self respect

Three things that crave

1. Respect - 2. Purpose - see positive impact of what I am doing 3. Relationship - and especially with the manager

75% say the most stressful part of the job is their boss 2/3 say will take a new manager over pay increase

What does “engaged” mean Motivated. Committed.

Cannot motivate others. Not managers job. Motivation is intrinsic People decide if they are going to commit more their personal motivation

Give more crave; get more engaged


It’s your job to create the environment (not motivate, but to motivate themselves) Given them what they crave

Show of hands How many of you don’t like to be recognized when you do a good job (95-98% keep hands down) How many of you do a good job of recognizing others (still most hands down)

Can be fixed easily Most cost effective

Number 1 reason people leave their jobs as don’t feel appreciated

Spot and acknowledge work Leads to respect, purpose, build relationships

Managers struggle to do this Beyond employee recognition program

No real difference based on generations. All want: Growth opportunities Good manager that care about them Meaningful work

Younger people also want: More sense of purpose Connect and collaborate via technology (would choose a company to work for based on this) Frequent communications (and we currently suck at it)

94% of people at work would be better at job with improved communications

The threesome of chemicals:

1. Dopamine - anticipation of happiness. Primary feeling is pleasure. Triggered by making progress toward goals and objectives. “Great job on this” 2. Serotonin. Responsible for mood. Primary feeling mood. Triggered by sense of pride. 3. Oxytocin. Connection. Primary feeling trust. Triggered by connection with others

Recognition activates this. And we get a hit too

Recognition is the accelerator

Employee engagement → work culture → customer experience Better business results

Strategically recognize employees * Tell the action (respect what was done) * Connect to a focus area (eg core value, strategy) * Share the impact (what it lead to, how improve business, results, this is why)

Start with “once a week” You might not do it every time but will make progress

See slide - after 2 years

Figure our “what business results matter most”

You have the time because you have less headaches

Make it a habit Only 10% of people change diet / exercise after heart bypass surgery About 40% of thoughts are pure result of habit?

Creating a habit:

1. Change your mind 2. Create routines and behaviors 3. Demonstrate willpower 4. Focus on the benefits 5. Track effort daily

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