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XP Values and Principles

The original is at and is best read there. Following list is maintained for my convenience.


  • Communication: Everyone is part of the team and we communicate face to face daily.
  • Simplicity: We will do what is needed and asked for, but no more.
  • Feedback: We will take every iteration commitment seriously by delivering working software
  • Courage: We will tell the truth about progress and estimates.
  • Respect: Everyone gives and feels the respect they deserve as a valued team member.


  • Humanity: Its all about people
  • Economics: Someone needs to understand the budget
  • Mutual benefit: Win-win for all
  • Self similarity: The pattern of a monthly cycle is the same as a weekly cycle and the same as a daily cycle.
  • Improvement: You are always getting better having done the best you know how to today.
  • Diversity: The Wisdom of the Crowds
  • Reflection: Be aware of what is working, and what is not
  • Flow: Constant delivery means a continuous flow of development work
  • Opportunity: Problems are a chance to learn something new
  • Redundancy: Having redundancy helps improve quality
  • Failure: It’s OK to try things that don’t work.
  • Quality: To go fast you have to go slow.
  • Baby steps: Take small steps in the right direction.
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