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What is the typical agenda for a System Demo?

In general, you want to time-box a System Demo to be about an hour long. Again, the purpose is to establish an objective milestone of progress toward PI Objectives, and to generate feedback on key items. It is not to showcase how busy the train has been.

A typical System Demo agenda will call for the following elements:

  • (Brief, and if required) Review of the Purpose of the System Demo
  • (Brief) Review the business context of the System Demo
  • (Brief) Review what happened to the feedback from the last System Demo
  • (Brief) Review of current state of the Program Board, and any changes that have occurred since the last System Demo
  • (Brief) Review features to Demo
  • Demo of each of the features
    • Describe the Feature and the related PI Objective
    • Do the Demonstration
    • Q&A and gather feedback
  • Summary of key metrics
    • Features completed vs expected
    • PI Objectives completed vs expected
  • Wrap up with
    • Summary of what was heard and what will be done about it
    • Expectations for the next System Demo

In general, the Product Management team will determine the best order for the demonstration.

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