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What Do We Not Want to See in a Product Owner?

A Product Owner is not operating successful we when they:

  • Are a glorified order taker: The Product Owner works against a concept of where the Product is going to. They do not just accept requirements because someone important asked for it.
  • Commit on behalf of Team: The Product Owner defines what needs to be done and the priority; the Team decides how it will be implemented and how much they can work on.
  • Make technical decisions for the Team: Again, Product Owner does not worry about “how”.
  • Estimate Stories for the Team: The people doing the work should estimate the work.
  • Are not available to the Team: If the Product Owner is not available then the original reason for setting up this role is not being addressed.
  • Assigns work to Team members or otherwise tries to manage the Team: Team members determine how to execute the work.
  • Focus only on new functionality at the expense of ignoring the health of the product / solution: The Product is not just the result of new features; there is a significant on-going set of work associated with the health of the Product.
  • De-focuses the Team with latest break-in: While break-ins are expected, if this becomes a normal condition, then it is hard for Teams to make and meet commitments.
  • Create all User Stories: While Product Owners are often the initial source of requirements, Story creation and maintenance is a collaborative exercise with the Team.
  • Play favorites. Product Owners need to be able to balance the competing interests of stakeholders and have a transparent decision-making process.
  • Are not willing to make hard choices during the Iteration (Sprint) Planning meeting.
  • Are not available to the Team.
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