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What Content Should Be Considered To Start a Team Page?

In the interests of maximizing transparency, scrum teams display information about who they are and their work so that anyone with an interest can find out about the work of the team. This page is in response to the question “what should we put on to the standard team page both now, and as a foundation for the future?”


  • Need basis to work for team now, but expect to expand over time
  • Consider using standardized information based on template so can use data in dashboard both for Team and in aggregate
  • We have a template site for Teams to use, but would also like the template to have “attribution” so it can be queried
  • Tool independent discussion - can be used with SharePoint, Wikis, etc.
    • Use of Sharepoint parts should be kept to minimum for the sake of ease of implementation and flexibility of use – use text / memo fields instead
  • A newly formed team will probably not have enough information for some of this information to be meaningful, but it will develop quickly. Examples of this include the product / release burn-up, epic progress, and the series of sprint information.

How To Display

We want to stick to the basic idea of wikis that the information should fit on a page on the screen, no larger. Idea is that information is focussed. This suggests a series of navigation links (eg on side) with headings per below.

For the first / front page of the team site consider the team name, members, team email, key events, current sprint burndown chart, for example – a one stop shop of the basics.

Teams should be able to style the site however they want and add any information they want to provided the basics are in place. Idea is that its the team page, they can use it to help establish their identity, but from an organizational perspective we need a certain set of things to be available.

What To Display

  • Team name: the name of the team
  • Team email: the email group that will get to all team members.
    • Used by the team themselves, but also for anyone external that might be interested.
    • Note: consider setting up a naming convention for these emails - eg [Name_of_team][Scrum Team]
  • Work: short description of the type of work the team typically works on such as specific products or projects
  • Team members:
    • Number of team members, including Product Owner and Scrum Master
    • Name of Product Owner, contact email and phone
    • Name of Scrum Master, contact email and phone
    • Name(s) of Team Members, contact email and phone
  • Key Events:
    • Time / place of Daily Scrum
    • Time / place of next Sprint Review
  • Product backlog: link to the up to date prioritized list of items the team will work on
  • Sprint backlog: link to the up to date (daily) work of the team
  • Sprint burn-down: today’s burn down chart, visible on front page
  • Definition of Done: checklist of the what the team uses to maintain their quality standard and know they’ve completed work
  • Product / Project / Release burn-down: link to up to date chart showing progress on the current “project”
  • Epic burn-down: link to up to date chart showing progress on the current “top 5” lists – the themes of the project
  • Sprints: link to information about each of the sprints completed by the team, one page per sprint
    • Sprint Recording: link to record of the sprint review meeting
    • Sprint Summary: link to the summary information used to drive the sprint review meeting
    • Note – naming conventions for things associated with the Sprint Reviews is “yyyy-mm-did – team_name” where the date is the day of the sprint review
  • Continuous Improvement: list of experiments / findings the team is trying as a result of retrospectives (idea – one experiment / finding per page)
  • Team metrics:
    • Start with sprint by sprint view (trended, within tolerance) of
      • “Actual Velocity”,
      • “Committed Velocity vs Actual Velocity” and
      • “Percentage Non-Planned Work”
      • Others metrics will be added over time
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