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What are the Benefits of Establishing the Role of Development Manager?

The following benefits are typically seen using this approach:

  1. It means that POs SMs etc are not supervisors and so we reduce chance of a number of anti-patterns (eg P.O. bossing team) and ensure there is enough capacity for these roles to actually do the job.
  2. It means we have a far flatter structure as each Development Manager supports a lot more people. This is a step in the right direction.
  3. With Development Manager and train members both reporting into Program Manager type role we are aligning interests of people with interests of train and therefore the value stream. Everyone is oriented toward “success of the program”.
  4. Most existing HR organization can support this type of structure without significant change to their operation. Some HR organizations will object to the idea that one person can “handle” 20-40 people, but when the role is explained, this is typically not an issue.
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