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Useful Kanban References


Description Link Level
Agile Alliance Kanban Overview Introductory
One day in Kanbanland – short visual introduction of a team using Kanban in their daily work Introductory
David Anderson - The Principles and Practices of the Kanban Method Introductory
Eric Brechner’s Talk at Google introducing Kanban (1h05min video) Introductory
Kanban Guide Introductory
Dave Anderson - Essential Kanban condensed Introductory
… and a illustrated version of the Essential Kanban book Introductory
David Anderson - An Alternative Path to Agility @ 2013 COHAA The Path to Agility Conference (1h13min video) Introductory
Kanban Step-by Step Introductory
David Anderson’s blog Advanced
Introduction to Kanban cadences: Advanced
David Anderson - Classes of Service: The Sonic Screwdriver of Kanban Coaching  (1h15min video) Advanced
Series of posts showing how Scrum and Kanban can effectively work together to achieve even better results than one method alone: Advanced
How Scrum teams can benefit from Kanban practices Advanced
How Kanban teams can benefit from Scrum practices Advanced
Lean-Kanban North America YouTube channel – dozens of talks available: Advanced

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