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Template - Anti-Pattern or Smell


(Short, perhaps funny, descriptive name of the anti-pattern)


(Role of person who should be able to recognize the anti-pattern when it occurs in the organization and/or should be able work the issues around the anti-pattern to improve outcomes.)


(A narrative description of the anti-pattern, providing context as well as an understanding of what happens. Think in terms of “what” you would see that would see.)


(A description of the impact of the anti-pattern - why is this a problem, and who does it affect (team, tower, capability, etc). If the description describes the “what” of an anti-patter, then impact describes the “so what” of an anti-pattern. )

(Potential) Remedies

(Approaches that have been used in the past that may offer a path forward in working the issue.)


(Narrative (more than one) of the anti-pattern. In some ways the anti-pattern is could be a class of anti-pattern. This is the instance. And in some cases also describe potential solution applied in “the real world”. The examples should not name names unless the people directly involved are OK with using their names.)

Want To Know More?

Links to other sources of related information.

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