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"Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World" - General Stanley McChrystal

Review and Notes

Really good book on the change in management approach that we need to put in place to become a more resilient and agile organization - beyond team agility to organization agility. Or to quote General McChrystal “Teams can bring a measure of adaptability to previously rigid organizations. But these performance improvements have a ceiling as long as adaptable traits are limited to the team level.”

I recommend this to executives especially who are trying to understand how they and the overall organization will need to change in order to become the organization they want it to be. This book covers the move in approach from the “scientific management” / “reductionist” and “command and control” view of managing an organization to one based on “common purpose” / “extreme transparency” and “de-centralized decision making”. “The role of the senior leader was no longer that of controlling puppet master, but rather that of an empathetic crafter of culture.”

If you are familiar with the agile approach to management the book will cover a lot of ideas that will seem very familiar to you. The benefit of this work is that presents these concepts from an organizational / enterprise level.

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