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Jeff Sutherland - Stalwarts


Jeff Sutherland started the first Scrum team in 1993 and formalized the Scrum process with Ken Schwaber in 1995. As CEO, CTO, or VP of Engineering he has evolved Scrum in 11 of his own companies and co-authored the Agile Manifesto in 2001. Currently, as CEO of he leads agile transformations worldwide while serving as Senior Advisor to Open View Venture Partners with almost a billion dollars invested in dozens of Scrum companies. The goal is to more than double investment returns using Scrum. See Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.

What is a Stalwarts session?

Stalwarts sessions are built around your questions.

Stalwarts bridges the gap between introductory sessions and advanced sessions, focusing on specific, real-time questions, challenges, dilemmas, and issues that attendees bring to the conference. Experienced agile/lean practitioners - folks who have been in the trenches for many years, who wrote the books, maintained useful blogs, created the methods and approaches, coached the coaches - show up for a focused conversation with you in an open fishbowl format. There will be no prepared slides or talks, just spontaneous dialogue with you about your real challenges and questions.

This is what an open fishbowl format looks like and how it works. Boards: Talk to eachother, not the audience To join fishbowl sit in empty chair One chair shou One chair always be empty Don't forget to use microphones

This session is a 75-minute block, with the following timings: 5-minute introduction with rules and speaker introduction by facilitator and an overview of current area of interest by speaker. 60-minutes for the session - If you have a question, simply join the fishbowl. 10-minute closing by speaker and facilitator.


  • Content rating (0-no new ideas, 5 - a new ideas/approach, 9-new ideas): 3
  • Style rating (0-average presentstion, 5 - my level, 9-I learned something about presenting): 5 (interesting format - fishbowl with people sitting around the edge moving in on central group of chairs as there is a free chair on the podium to discuss issues with the stalwart)

Action / Learning

On Jeff Patton's t-shirt:

Haikus are easy But sometimes they don't make sense Refrigerator

Love it!





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