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Agile 2015 Industry Panel


Hear from leading industry analysts as they discuss the latest trends and emerging best practices around Agile software development. Learn how the most successful software organizations are utilizing Agile to drive business performance. Find out how the latest innovations in Agile practices continue to mature as development organizations deploy Agile further across the enterprise.


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  • Style rating (0-average presentstion, 5 - my level, 9-I learned something about presenting): 4

Action / Learning

  • get Book “Diffusion of Innovation”


This year's theme is Agile Trends and Future Directions. Join us to hear unique perspectives and gain industry knowledge from this year's participants:

Melinda Ballou, IT Industry Analyst, IDC Steve Dennning, Author & Management Consultant André Girard, Senior Analyst, VDC Research Group Tom Grant, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium Ron Jeffries, Extreme Programming (XP) Innovator, Author, Coach, and Trainer Jim Newkirk, VP of Service Engineering, CenturyLink Cloud (Moderator)


. Questions / advice to CEO

What are the ceo's problems then can share stories (might eventually get to software)

“All conversations start with a licenses” - Steve Denning

Productive things - lead down the path Yes it is a process of consistent experimentation Not talk in agile language as confuses

Ron Jefries- How org is choosing the work Too much and can't do anything How get it done - how is it organization How he control - trick question How know it's done

From surveys know that agile is using more tools

. Exec is having difficulty with agile implementation

Alignment - twixt management and teams - same success criteria

What is the view of exec buy-in. Role of exec. Appropriate mentoring / coaching

Is organization non agile - focused on short term - then management issue Is org agile - focused on delight customer - then maybe is team issue

Actually do agile - it's stood the test of time over last 20years

. How get management out of mindset of “we don't have to be agile”

Only thing that will shake people out of existing mindset is take them to places that are doing it (I want some of this). If you can't take them there virtually through stories.

Competitors doing agile Teams internally doing it well - get them to Play a game to help make people more open

“Darwin was right while death was the alternative”

Exec have to establish guard rails. Clear about objective. Message such as Ok to fail, quality is 1

Start small. But watch the organizational antibodies

Management in the middle is the problem This is an issue with scrum - not needed Middle manager now becoming SM, PO etc. Fewer and fewer full middle manager jobs

Flattening an organization is the second most stupid idea in the world Middle management needed - outside in (total focus on delivery of value to customer) They need to be focussed on customer

. 5 years ago - agile wrong about / should have done differently

Wrong that it was about software Every part of the organization How important an idea it is

Software is eating in the world

Evolving into enterprise / scaling Broader adoption

Content not always clear Stylistic - not do enough to police the nazis / cops New generation of nazis - ux, lean, de ops - to much rigid thinking Note that means they haven't made the transition and needs to be called out

Looking at rolling wave of people implementing that

Different Reach out sooner to other topics / ideas Lean, Kanban Eg safe is about value stream

. What are things agile alliance can do to help

Look at particular practice areas to help people Eg technical debt

Kent beck - invented XP to make the world safe for programmers Focus on bring this back again Empower the people doing the work - cultural change everything

Safe says “based on scrum and XP” But we haven't done a good job with XP.

. What is comments / concerns about the certification wars / multiple certs

Demonstrate what it means to take on agile

Certification is nice but doesn't make you a good scrum master First step

10 years to master scrum / XP Explain this to people Make stories about this What it really means to commit to this

Standards are important, competence is important Need to remove fake standards We need to become more professional, more competence basis

Observed practical is part of the certification Teams participate as well

5 certifications - but this is the least important thing about me (Jeffries) To see them do it, and make them do it is only way to know this

Work with real education College, school

. What is something that not being talked about that should be

Embedded space - 30% are using agile Cover whole systems development, not just software

Begin to talk about All of the trappings of things that were in the before agile Notion of estimate Can do this without looking at the requirement, rather focus on what we are doing

Tension org vs team level - 70-90% of orgs from surveys Society wide problem

Get a better handle on what software value is

Book diffusion of innovation When is software valuable

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