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Welcome to My Personal Lean-Agile Knowledge Base!

This is not a blog, but rather a constantly evolving, incrementally growing library of information I've used to help transform organizations to increased effectiveness. While some of the pages may read like a blog, formal blog posts I've written are at FiveWhyz Blogs.

It is not a web site of services I offer. If you are interested in service offerings please visit the FiveWhyz Coaching Collaborative Website: FiveWhyz LLC

To understand why this wiki exists, please see Rationale, Or "Why do I have this set of pages?".

What does this mean to you? In general, when people publish information they try to focus the message - just do this - and skip the thinking process. For me the thinking is more important than the practice. In other words it is more important that I understand the “why” and that the “why” makes sense. These pages are therefore “thinking pieces” not marketing messages. But then this is more a personal knowledge repository than it is a marketing piece.

If you are offended by pages that are not short, succinct and straight to the point, then you probably want to go somewhere else LOL

The knowledge is mainly organized in the form of Frequently Asked Questions. Sometimes multiple FAQ pages come together to make a complete Subject Specific Article.

If looking through a list of questions seems like overkill, simply use the search.

The sidebar contains links to other information that don't fit into the FAQ-style approach.

Read and enjoy!

What's New?

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