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2017 Completed Events

Event Type Location Date Comments
Leadership Workshop Coaching Houston 2017-11-28 Workshop aimed at helping top level supervisors understand what they need to know and do to drive the transformation
Value Stream Mapping Coaching Houston 2017-10-25 Value Stream mapping for Foundation Infrastructure group
Initial PI Planning Coaching Houston 2017-10-23 Crazy (AtC). 5 Teams. 100 people at event. SAFe event.
Leading SAFe Training Houston 2017-10-19 Leadership of the XOM FI AtC Train plus guests. 32 people.
SAFe for Teams Training Houston 2017-10-16 AtC (Crazy) Train. 42 people.
Kanban Team Kickoff Training Budapest 2017-10-09 New teams on the way to Agile Release Train
Initial PI Planning Coaching Houston, Buenos Ares, Kuala Lumpur 2017-10-02 Bullet (Storage). 3 Teams. Initial XOM Foundation Infastructure (FI) Train. SAFe event.
SAFe for Teams Training Houston 2017-09-25 Half the Storage (Bullet) Train. 24 people. New SAFe 4.5 materials.
Kanban Team Kickoff Training Houston / Buenos Aires 2017-09-12 2 new teams on the way to Agile Release Train
Leading SAFe Training Houston 2017-08-21 Leadership of the XOM FI Storage Train. 10 people. New SAFe 4.5 “Leading SAFe” materials.
Kanban Team Kickoff Training Houston 2017-07-24 2 new teams on the way to Agile Release Train
SAFe 4.5 Update Attend Virtual 2017-06-27 Understand updates for SAFe 4.5 (see summary at 5 Reasons to Update and My Notes)
Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach Course with OrgMindset.com Attend Boulder 2017-06-07 3 day course with Alex Yakyma. See My Notes. Passed test and certified as Enterprise Coach -
Value Stream Mapping and Lean Coffee Training Houston 2017-05-08 Train the trainer session. Facilitated
Leaders Introduction to Agile Training Houston 2017-05-01 Three sessions aimed at helping leadership understand how the pilots work, and understand what learning they will need.
Kanban Team Kickoff Training Kuala Lumpur 2017-04-17 3 Teams. Co-taught
Kanban Team Kickoff Training Houston 2017-04-10 2 Teams. Co-taught.
Ongoing until 2017-12-31 Transformation Coach Houston 2017-03-15 Co-coach with Transformation Team
Implementing SAFe Training / Coaching Scottsdale 2017-01-31 Co-taught
SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Enablement Certification Virtual 2017-01-27 SASM certification
Difficulties and Benefits of Working in Agile Environment Training Belmont University 2017-01-23 16 Seniors
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