What Kinds of Problems Do you Typically See As The Organization Transforms to Agile / Lean?

Or “What kinds of anti-patterns do you see in a transformation to Agile / Lean?”

Or, more colloquially “What kinds of smells do you see in a transformation?”


While every transformation is different depending on context of the transformation (work, process, people, business, etc) as we go through a transformation from an traditional organization to one focused on a lean / agile set of values and principles we often see similar problems reoccur.

The idea of this section is to capture some of these problems / anti-patterns / smells so that people can become aware of them. The first step to solving a problem is to ensure we identify it, so the simple act of “awareness” is a good start to working the issue. Having said that we also need to talk about and understand the impact of various problems as well as work on potential approaches we can take to work the issue.

Smells / Anti-Patterns

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