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"Continuous Delivery in a large Enterprise – Transforming Enterprise IT" by Henk Kolk



Henk Kolk is the Chief Architect at ING Bank.

Message is that starting in 2008, ING decided that all their services are being provided as software and that, in fact they are more a software / technology company than anything else (“software is eating the world”). They moved from a traditional waterfall / mainframe / project management approach and moved to agile / devops / continuous delivery of value mode. They have 180 teams developing software, and now do 1500 deployments / week to production (I think, at least that was the implication).

My view is that this is a message for a lot of organizations. More and more businesses are finding that the services they offer are in fact software services (“software is eating the world”). This bank is taking this thinking to a logical extreme and becoming a strong software products house.

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