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 ====== Action / Learning ====== ====== Action / Learning ======
-  * Excellent get in touch with Todd re background+  * Offers up an approach that allows you to leverage performance appraisal systems that will help move agile 
 +  * Rather than ignore HR (standard agile approach) idea is to engage with HR to move process in right direction 
 +  * Like idea of splitting impact from behaviors and the definition of impact 
 +  * Like the idea of using shu-ha-ri type model to define improvements in skills / behaviors 
 +  * Like the idea of using "impact" to drive increases in levels 
 +  * Like the idea that when you go to a new level (promotion) you should treat it like it is a new job and so you are automatically at "shu" level.
 ====== Presentation ====== ====== Presentation ======
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