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 +====== Prioritization Techniques ======
 +Generally when people move to agile they need to rethink their approach to scheduling / prioritization of work. Traditional approaches are either very heavy weight, requiring a lot of upfront analysis where assumptions build on top of assumptions, or they use a more HiPPO (highest paid persons opinion) approach. 
 +We would like to make the discussion a little more "economic" and use approaches that make sense given the scale of the discussion and the level of information we have available (and could possibly generate). Some ideas:
 +  * On better backlog prioritization (The goal is to use the technique that is appropriate for the level of impact if wrong): https://t.co/vC2a1cvJUX
 +  * Real meaning of WSJF from Don Rienertsen: http://blackswanfarming.com/wsjf-weighted-shortest-job-first/ (SAFe WSJF is an approach to doing the real version)
 +  * Critique of SAFe’s WSJF: http://blackswanfarming.com/safe-and-weighted-shortest-job-first-wsjf/
 +  * Qualitative approach to WSJF: http://blackswanfarming.com/qualitative-cost-delay/
 +  * Suggested improvement to SAFe’s WSJF: http://blackswanfarming.com/safes-cost-of-delay-a-suggested-improvement/
 +====== Related Tags ======
 +{{tag>Research Practices Prioritization WSJF CoD}}
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