What's The Difference Between Kanban and Scrum?

Or “When Should We Use Kanban Instead of Scrum?”


I have seen this type of deck in other places, but cannot find it easily so I’ve created something that can be used to help people understand.

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materials_developed, 2017/03/19 16:19 (Trackback)
Materials Developed Just a convenient place for me to be able to find materials I have developed over time. Feel free to use, with appropriate attribution. * [ How To Deal with Personality Issues Without Sounding Like a Marriage Guidance Counsellor] * [ Agile Testing Workshop] * [Agile Project Management] * [ Comparison of Scrum and Kanban] - see What's The Difference Between Kanban and Scrum? for more information. reference fa training materials
how_do_we_forecast_our_plan_with_kanban, 2017/04/19 02:50 (Trackback)
How Do We Forecast Our Plan With Kanban? Premise I've been at a number of places where people think they should choose Scrum over Kanban simply because they think there is no ability to forecast and plan when a team(s) uses Kanban. While there is a general notion that Scrum is a good approach when you are doing more
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