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 +====== What Are The Roles in a Scrum / Agile Team? ======
 +While some approaches to agile are pretty specific about the roles, others are not so. Scrum is specific and, since it also very widely adopted, the Scrum roles have pretty much become the defacto way of setting up a Team. In a Scrum Team, the roles are:
 +  * (Development) Team: a cross functional group of people who perform the actual work of problem solving, designing, verifying and documenting requirements and other changes. See [[What is the Role of the Team]] for more information.
 +  * Product Owner: creates, prioritizes, and maintains the Product Backlog (the list of requirements for the product / project). See [[What is the Role of the Product Owner]] for more information.
 +  * Scrum Master: a combination of facilitator, coach, fixer and gatekeeper for the Team. See [[What is the Role of the Scrum Master]] for more information.
 +  * Stakeholders: everyone (else) who has an interest in the work of the Scrum Team (see See [[What is the Role of the Stakeholder]] for more information):
 +    * Customers: represent the end users of the products developed (and may be internal or external).
 +    * Management: represent the interests of the business / organization.
 +{{tag>Consultant Tools Team Formation Roles FirstSprint FAQ}}