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 +====== Track "​Adopted Work" Metric ======
 +Adopted work is a User Story that was not known at the beginning of the sprint that came in from an external source as something that needed to
 +be done now.
 +Most Teams have established a buffer to manage these kinds of issues. However since this is an interruption and potentially disruptive to the Team it increases the risk on delivery of the Sprint Commitment.
 +We should watch this number carefully and ask, for example, whether this interruption User Story really needed to be dealt with during this Sprint
 +or could have waited to the next. If it happens a lot perhaps the Team should considered shorter Sprints so they are more responsive to the business, for example. In other words, it allows the team to have more planned work.
 +{{tag>​Team Estimates Forecast Points EstimationPractice Metric AdoptedWork}}
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