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 +====== Track Accuracy of Estimate Metric ======
 +Estimates are not perfect and cannot be made perfect. Depending on who you believe, more time spent on a estimate will either not improve the estimate, or reduce the accuracy of the estimate. The point of estimating is to provide data to the Product Owner, but everyone should understand
 +that the data is just that, an estimate.
 +That does not mean we should not look to improve our estimates. The best starting point for analysis is to compare the estimate against whatever
 +the final reality was. With stories we have the estimate. To get the "​actual"​ we simply ask "now that we have done the work, what should our
 +estimate have been". Did it take longer / shorter than expected?"​ If yes, was it more / less risky or complex? What is the number.
 +Beware of blaming problems on estimation. Sometimes the thinking goes "our plan did not work so we need to improve our estimates"​. [[blog:​our_estimates_are_terrible|Our Estimates are Terrible]] and [[blog:​why_doesn_t_traditional_project_management_work_for_software_projects|Why Doesn'​t Traditional Project Management Work For Software Projects?]] will provide additional background here.
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