"The State of SAFe" by Chris James


Current state of play and view of materials


Chris James - President Scaled Agile


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Action / Learning

  • Need to visit community
  • Look at establish role-based tags for the wiki - e.g. RoleExecutive, RoleConsultant, RoleProductManager, RoleScrumMaster, RoleTeam


State of SAFe in the marketplace 70% us fortune 100 enterprise have SAFe trained practitioners 103 partners in 35 countries 5500 trained SPCs

SAFe learning and certification Integrate more active learning and brain science

Newer courses Role based curriculum - change agents consultants, executive managers and stakeholders, product managers and product owners, Scrum masters, teams Then beginner and advanced

New SAFe for teams Scrum master course - how to facilitate as well as improving flow also RTE, and team leads Advanced scrum master course - next level Product owner / manager - solution, program, architects involved, currently entry level course

Phasing out old orientation courses

Two other courses - leading SAFe and implementing SAFe

Each has a certification as well. Now have SA 4 certification - upgrade those who know 2 or 3

Introduced course delivery enablement modules for the instructors

Also have SPC materials for consultants E.g. Value steam workshop

Member professional development areas Videos for an element

SAFe community platform at the heart

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