"The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development" - Don Reinertsen


Review and Notes

Probably the greatest book ever written on how to improve the creation of products. Also probably the most information packed so the recommended approach to this one is to skim read it the first time for basic content, and then re-read sections as you need it. If you want to understand how to manage risk, how to make decisions of what work to schedule first, on why you should not focus on 100% utilization of your people on … you get the picture. This is the book.

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Recommended Reading List of books that I have found useful as I work with people and try to understand how to improve my effectiveness. Additional books (and limited information on them) is at Reading List The Basics Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide - Kenneth Rubin. Probably the best book on ensuring your team(s) are successful using the basic Scrum framework. Covers all the basic practices, ceremonies and artifacts and offers real advice based on real world experience. Also covers relevan…
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What Is Wrong With 100% Utilization Thinking? Premise As a person who has spent way too many years managing many projects, working with a lot of financial people, and who has worked to improve the results of a lot of organizations, one thing I was expected to focus on was
What is the Benefit of Having a Cadence of Meetings Etc? Note: Work in Progress Agile implementations leverage the notion of a cadence all over the place. For example, we have Sprints with regularly scheduled meetings. Cadence really allows us to define events that occur regularly but also specify due dates when things are expected to get done. As a result of this, setting up a cadence offers a lot of benefits:
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