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-  +====== Personal Knowledge Base ======
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability|STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL TRAINING ​ (SPC)/ PROCESS CAPABILITY]]+
-The objective of the Statistical Process Control Training (SPC)/​Process Capability curriculum ​is to provide participants with the analytical tools and methods necessary to:+Idea is that I need a central place to put things, that I can get access to whenever I need to so I build up a knowledge base. This is the third time I've done this. The first and second times were for internal Wiki sites for organizational knowledge and team sharing. The problem is that I've had the re-do these in each case. So this time I will do this on a Wiki site I can keep open, no matter what the job. 
-Understand [[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability|SPC]] fundamentals and the importance of reducing variation +====== What This Wiki is Not ======
-Implement control charting in order to assess process stability +
-Interpret control chart signals and implement appropriate reaction plans +
-Determine appropriate sampling plans and sample sizes +
-Assess process capability training (for normal and non-normal data) +
-Apply charting techniques for short production runs +
-Apply charting methods where multiple sources of variation may exist (e.g. multiple cavities, filling heads) +
-Apply SPC for naturally trending data (e.g. due to tool wear) +
-Determine the appropriate type of chart for a given process +
-Avoid common misapplications of [[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability|SPC]] in practice+
 +It is not a blog, but rather an up-to-date set of information that I collect over time. Some of the information in this site might be source materials for a blog, but in and of itself it is not a blog. Some of the entries are written as a blog. Main blog posts are at [[https://​www.fivewhyz.com/​blog|FiveWhyz Blogs]].
 +It is not a web site of services or tools I offer. Again this Wiki might serve as a place for ideas, or a set of work in progress on things I am thinking through. If you are interested in service offerings please visit:
 +  * The Coaching Collaborative Website: [[https://​www.fivewhyz.com|FiveWhyz LLC]]
 +  * Personal business Website: [[http://​focussedagile.com|Focussed Agile LLC]] 
 +====== Apologies ======
 +In general, when people publish information they try to focus the message - just do this - and skip the thinking process.
 +For me the thinking is probably more important than the practice. In other words it is more important that I understand the “why” and that the “why” makes sense. As a result some of these pages are "​thinking pieces"​ more than focussed marketing messages, but then this is more a personal knowledge repository than it is a marketing piece.
 +<WRAP important>​If you are offended by pages that are not short, succinct and straight to the point, then you probably want to go somewhere else:​-)</​WRAP>​
 ====== Content ====== ====== Content ======
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability|**SEMINAR CONTENT (3 DAYS)**]]+==== Scrum Agile ====
-**1.Variation Fundamentals** +  ​[[Conferences|Conferences]] and [[Other Seminars and Meetings]] 
-Concept of Variation +  ​[[Recommended Reading]] (and [[Reading List]]) 
-The Normal Distribution+  ​[[Recommended Videos]] (and [[webinars_and_videos|Webinars and Videos]]) 
 +  ​[[Quotable Quotes]] for the cycling display, or [[Quotable Quotes List]] and [[Pithy Slogans]] 
 +  * [[Useful References]] 
 +  * [[Frequently Asked Questions]] - questions and standard content I have used in various situations. Sometimes multiple FAQ pages come together to make a complete [[Subject Specific Article]] 
 +  * [[Research to Help Understanding]] - some practices and ideas seem counter-intuitive.  
 +  * [[what_kinds_of_problems_do_you_typically_see_as_the_organization_transforms_to_agile_lean|What Kinds of Problems Do you Typically See As The Organization Transforms to Agile / Lean?]] - started this one recently 
 +==== Consultant / Coach / Trainer ====
-**2.Control Chart Concepts/​Examples** +  ​[[Your First Sprint]] - a set of articles aimed at helping you through your first Sprint or iteration 
-Control Limits vsSpecification Limits +  ​[[reference_useful_in_training_situations|References Useful in Training]] - videos etc
-Definition of Control/​Stability +  * [[Ideas on Presenting Ideas]] - seems like there are a lot of interesting approaches out there on how to get ideas across. And related to this, [[Powerful Pictures]], [[Powerful Stories]] and [[Powerful Facilitation]]
-Definition of Quality +  * [[Workshops Training and Other Events]] - completed events 
-Sources of Variation+  * [[Materials Developed]]
-**3.Process Capability Concepts** +And in a non-Agile discussion:
-Quality Control vs. Process Control +
-Basic Statistics +
-Individuals,​ Averages, and the Central Limit Theorem +
-Control Charts +
-Constructing Charts (Variable Data) +
-Xbar/R , Xbar/S, I-MR Charts +
-Chart Signals for Special Causes +
-Interpreting Charts +
-Type I and Type II Errors +
-Recomputing Control Limits +
-Sampling Procedures and Frequency +
-Rational Samples +
-Chart Sensitivity / Sample Size +
-Determining Appropriate Sample Sizes +
-Control Chart Selection +
-Process Capability +
-Stability vs. Capability +
-Types of Capability Assessments +
-Estimating PPM / Proportion Defective +
-The Standard Normal (Z Values) +
-Capability IndicesCp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk +
-Interpreting Indices +
-Process Capability for Non-Normal Data (Overview)+
-**4.Specialized Charts*+  ​[[So You Want to Setup a Business as an Agile Coach?]] 
-Short Run Charts +    ​Also some [[Useful Tools]] 
-Within/​Between Charts (Multiple Locations) +  ​[[Comical Comics]] 
-CUSUM Charts +  [[Agile Jokes]]
-Trending Charts +
-Charts for Attribute Data +
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability|Statistical Process Control]] training course is a method that enables manufacturers to prevent problems and to control their production processes. ​ Unfortunately,​ it is often applied incorrectly,​ and the potential benefits are not realized.+Note that we have some [[Incomplete Pages That Require Work]] on this site:-)
-When applied properly, SPC identifies changes to a process. ​ These can be changes that are still within specification—but are statistically different than where the process was previously running. ​  By identifying the changes, personnel can identify what caused the change and potentially improve the process or prevent the production of inferior products.+==== Personal ====
-SPC charts can quickly detect increases or decreases in variation, and variation is arguably the biggest problem manufacturers face.  If variation decreases, personnel can identify the causes ​and sustain the improvement. ​ If variation increases, personnel can identify the issue long before parts are scrapped or customers complain.+  * [[Financial Advice]] 
 +  * [[how_can_we_use_scrum_and_agile_principles_to_increase_personal_effectiveness|How Can We Use Scrum and Agile Principles to Increase Personal Effectiveness?​]] 
 +  * [[journal:​start]]
-This course teaches participants the fundamental concepts and methods needed to establish effective control charts and estimate process capability. ​ In addition to learning traditional control charts (e.g. xbar, r/s), participants will be exposed to other useful charts for handling multiple sources of variation (within/​between) and short production runs.  Practical aspects of implementing SPC on the shop floor are also discussed. 
-**TYPICAL ATTENDEES:​**[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability/​|https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability/​]] 
-Quality & Process Engineers 
-Quality Technicians 
-SPC Supervisors 
-Production Supervisors 
-Personnel involved in process development and validation 
-Laboratory Personnel 
-Manufacturing/​Operations Personnel 
-Process Improvement Personnel 
-Supplier Quality Personnel 
-Six Sigma Professionals 
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability/​|**COMPANY INFO**]] 
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability/​|Integral Concepts, Inc.]] 
-P.O. Box 251652 
-West Bloomfield, MI 48325 
-Phone: 248-884-2276 
 ==== Spaces ==== ==== Spaces ====
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   * [[blog:​start|Blog]]   * [[blog:​start|Blog]]
-[[https://​www.integral-concepts.com/​statistical-methods-training/​spc-and-process-capability/​|==== General ====]] +==== General ==== 
 +  * [[Tags Used]] or [[Tag Cloud]] 
 +  [[Useful Markup Syntax in the Wiki]] 
 +  ​[[Blog Entries]] 
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