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James Gifford - Analog work visualization in a digital world

Box Box on wheels Then Agile utility belt - scrummando belt Materials, post it notes Projector Message - inspect and adapt

randy hale - agile transforms for agile executives

Context is everything

Know their pain Dollars and cents Time to market, dev costs, quality, customer sat, productivity, employee sat It's the one big pain point for that company

Find big wins Recognize when big wins are hidden in small wins Bar maybe a lot lower than you expected Deliver outcomes for the business Focus on agile principles and scrum values

Simplify the message Enable people (training is part of this, employee sat, cultural change) Building high performing teams Delivery business value Release on demand (technical practices, Devops etc)

Messaging (deliver value, reduce cycle time, etc) Buyin / support (build alliances, find key influencers and deliver to them, how can we) “Get it” factor (frame big picture, opportunities tic coaching to execs, collect success stories, enable them to tell their story)

Context evolves

Fred mastropasqua - motivation

2 successful sprints and you get a team event Fail resets count

If failed - disappointed with themselves (not outside people saying you failed) This resulted in real change More cross team, more camaraderie See people with more depth

Board game in conference room, watch movie

Raj kasturi - what can we learn from Japanese manufacturing

Kanban means card

Better communication through visual management - picture your work

Visualize work Limit work in process (column represent team capacity) Make policy / agreements - how move, flag items, manage blocked states (make visual on board) Manage flow

Improve collaboratively

Bottlenecks are easy to identify

Expedite card


Cycle time - time left from ready to done Throughout - number of items completed per unit time

Consider Kanban for Maintenance projects Event drive work Lots of changes in plan

Michael wollin - what to say to skeptical developer

First listen

Quote - “Most people do not listen to understand, they listen to reply” - Stephen Covey

Ask clarification questions - no other questions

You can be in there world - recreation (of their situation) Never make them “wrong”

What's in it for them

End micromanagement Comic - there is no hyphen in micromanagement

Pull model - freedom from pressure

Enable flow Stop context switching - you can get in the zone

Fun Agile done right is fun

Prove it!

Their management has to prove it

Have to demonstrate real change Removing obstacles Demonstrate it Report it every day

Michael sahato - working with culture

Wrote book an agile transformation

Agile success is limited by culture

Agile enterprise Anti fragile Resilient

Agile transformation Is a fantasy

We focus on tactics, strategy but not culture

Book - Reinventing organizations - Frederick lallou

What is the voice of the system Start with why Compassion Leaders go first - create culture Freedom to choose - let go of agile (comes back on its own) Let go of control Organic spread of ideas

“I spend a lot of my life as a well intentioned arsehole.” - Michael

Scott burn - solved the enterprise planning issue

Top down mandate for agile

Teams became good at doing their own stuff But didn't work cross teams

Set up portfolio backlog

Now need to coordinate all efforts together

Two step planning process Create integrated project planning Teams respond epics stories, dependencies, timing

Then create enterprise release plan 1 1/2 days

Make a release plan Foam boards foldable Every panel is a sprint

Projects then validate their plans with each team

Report back Green we can do Yellow might do Red can't do Risks

Include all executives in meeting Work directly with teams

120 people Quarterly meetings Been doing for 3 years

Dimitry gervok - teaching agile through games

Why Fun You can see for yourself

“I like to plan first then execute”

Game - you sunk my waterfall - battleship Waterfall navy shoots 40 times but no feedback Agile navy 1 shot but immediate feedback adapting to change over following a plan

“Retrospectives are waste of time” 52 pickup Shuffle 2 minutes for planning 5 minute sorting 3 minutes for retro

Sort cards by value, suit

How long to sort Someone will do in 30 sec

“How does this scrum thing tie things together”

Build a bridge All day exercise

Minimize dependencies

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