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Idea is that I need a central place to put things, that I can get access to whenever I need to so I build up a knowledge base. This is the third time I've done this. The first and second times were for internal Wiki sites for organizational knowledge and team sharing. The problem is that I've had the re-do these in each case. So this time I will do this on a Wiki site I can keep open, no matter what the job.

What This Wiki is Not

It is not a blog, but rather an up-to-date set of information that I collect over time. Some of the information in this site might be source materials for a blog, but in and of itself it is not a blog. Some of the entries are written as a blog. Main blog posts are at FiveWhyz Blogs.

It is not a web site of services or tools I offer. Again this Wiki might serve as a place for ideas, or a set of work in progress on things I am thinking through. If you are interested in service offerings please visit:


In general, when people publish information they try to focus the message - just do this - and skip the thinking process.

For me the thinking is probably more important than the practice. In other words it is more important that I understand the “why” and that the “why” makes sense. As a result some of these pages are “thinking pieces” more than focussed marketing messages, but then this is more a personal knowledge repository than it is a marketing piece.

If you are offended by pages that are not short, succinct and straight to the point, then you probably want to go somewhere else:-)


Scrum / Agile

Consultant / Coach / Trainer

And in a non-Agile discussion:

Note that we have some Incomplete Pages That Require Work on this site:-)



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