"Agile is Dead" by Dave Thomas


Agile is Dead by Dave Thomas


Agile as originally intended is an adjective, not a noun.

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video_list, 2017/01/04 08:03 (Trackback)
Video List On-going continuous learning :-). Once you start on Agile there is no end of learning! See Reading List for books. Hopper Completed * 2017-01-03: "The Principles of Clean Architecture" by Uncle Bob Martin * 2016-03-01: "Continuous Delivery in a large Enterprise – Transforming Enterprise IT" by Henk Kolk * 2016-02-19: "Second Generation Lean Product Development" by Don Reinertsen * 2015-11-17: "10 Reasons Estimation and Planning Fails and What to Do About It" by Troy Magen…
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