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Idea is to make sure I am clear of expected role of Business Analyst in agile approach.

Pretty good description of process overall. One problem is they use the word “retrospective” to be “reviews that examine if the piece of product that has been built in the current iteration meets the actual business need”. I might be missing something here, but generally speaking the retrospective is mainly about how we developed the functionality (improving process, people, team work, etc), not a review if the functionality is appropriate. The functionality is usually reviewed during the Sprint Review and demo.

Also mentions the use of “Real Options” a lot. In general I've found that people have a hard time understanding how to apply real options to evaluate things like priority, but again, perhaps I am missing something.

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Reading List On-going continuous learning :-). Once you start on Agile there is no end of learning! See Video List for video version of this. Current Hopper * "More Agile Tesing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team" - Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory * "Badass Making Users Awesome" - Kathy Sierra * "Driving Fear Out of the Workplace: Creating the High-Trust, High-Performance Organization" by Kathleen D. Ryan and Daniel K. Oestreich
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Books To Read Title Author Subject Audience Comments Readability "Accelerate - Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World" John Kotter Transformation; Change Management Medium "The Rollout: A Novel about Leadership and Building a Lean-Agile Enterprise with SAFe" Alex Yakyma Transformation Management High "Learning Agile: Understanding Scrum, XP, Lean, and Kanban" Andrew Stellman; Jennifer Greene
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