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2020 Completed Events


Event Type Location Date Comments
The Power of Culture in SAFe Adoption Webinar Online 2020-09-01 Basic discussion on the link between SAFe and changing an organization's culture. Included good discussion of Westrum “cultural spectrum” model.
Applying Team Topologies to Large Supply Chain Networks Webinar Online 2020-08-18 Based on the book “Team Topologies” is there something we can apply to larger scale. Answer “yes” - applicable in general.
Measure and Improve Your SAFe Maturity Webinar Online 2020-08-05 Sales pitch for Agility Health radars.
SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification Online 2020-07-21 SAFe RTE course. Attended so I can also give the course.
Dynamic Re-Teaming Coaching Worldwide 2020-07-07 How to get good at Teams changing their personnel. Presentation to Coaches CoP.
Agile HR Webinar Online 2020-06-24 Basic presentation on the changes in HR that work with an Agile transformation. Presented in SAFe context.
SAFe Managed Contract with Dean Leffingwell Webinar Online 2020-06-24 Improved guidance on Agile contracts set up for win-win. Presented in SAFe context.
CoD and WSJF with Don Reinersten Webinar Online 2020-06-22 Useful discussion improving SAFe guidance on these subjects. Includes integration with standard accounting practice.
Estimating Epics in Support of Participatory Budgeting and Portfolio Flow Webinar Online 2020-06-18 Useful discussion on changes coming to Lean Portfolio Management guidance of SAFe 5
SAFe 5 Program Consultant Upgrade Certification Online 2020-06-10 Review enablement, review new content, take practice test, pass test
Leading by Example with Personal Agility Coaching; Training Worldwide 2020-05-21 Session on being authentic through application of personal Agility; ideas on self-improvement
Dynamic Re-Teaming Coaching Worldwide 2020-05-12 How to get good at Teams changing their personnel. Internal presentation.
Anti-patterns (Smells) Work Coaching Worldwide 2020-05-11 What Kinds of Problems Do you Typically See As The Organization Transforms to Agile / Lean
Blog “Why Hasn't Our Agile Implementation Lead to Cost Savings?” Blog post Worldwide 2020-05-08 HansSamios: How Do We Use Agile to Reduce Costs?; FiveWhyz: Why Hasn't Our Agile Implementation Lead to Cost Savings?
Systematizing Organizational Impediment Removal Coaching Worldwide 2020-04-29 Initial release to LACE; expected wider rollout
Value Stream Analysis for Lean Agile Center of Excellence Coaching Worldwide 2020-04-16 Improve LACE offerings
Resiliency Analysis Coaching Worldwide 2020-04-15 Understand impact of reduction in contractors and working from home on effectiveness
Agile Mindset for Non-Agile Teams Coaching Worldwide 2020-04-14 Improve framing of DIY Agile implementation
Simple Customer Discovery Exercise Coaching Houston 2020-04-02 How to help Teams increase their ability to manage stakeholders
Virtual Open Space Coaching Worldwide 2020-04-01 Theme “You're the Coach Now”
Rework Transformation Initiatives (Multiple Events & Deliverables) Coaching Worldwide 2020-03-09 In the light of COVID-19 what needs to change wrt Agile Transformation
Portfolio Sync and Training Coaching Houston 2020-02-19 3 day event aimed at working portfolio issues and learning
Multi-Organizational Kaizen Event Coaching Houston 2020-02-10 Step back from Day-to-day to develop multiple experiments aimed at improvement
Enterprise Project Management Office Virtual Training Coaching Worldwide 2020-01-28 Engaging Agile Programs and Teams
Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Learn Dallas 2020-01-23 With EBAS Certification from icAgile

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