2019 Completed Events


Event Type Location Date Comments
Quarterly Alignment Session Coaching, Participating Houston 2019-08-13 Included retrospective, and introduction to OKRs
PI Planning Coaching Buenos Ares 2019-06-26 Service group. SAFe event.
Portfolio Synchronization Session Coaching Houston 2019-06-12 Multi-day alignment session
“Drain the Glass” session for new Transformation Coaching Houston 2019-06-10 Setup session to work pent up resentments
“Leveraging Agile Thinking for Sustainability” Coaching Dallas 2019-06-03 Session for Sustainability Leadership Forum.
Cynefin Practice Foundations Learning, Supporting Houston 2019-05-30 Excellent two day course on the basics of Cynefin given by Dan Walsh. FiveWhyz
Coaching Team Face to Face Coaching Houston 2019-05-07 Coaching team for FI working on the plan for sustainment model for the organization
FI Quarterly LPM Face to Face Coaching Houston 2019-04-30 Portfolio prioritization and learning (outcome vs output). Full suite of Product Managers, Release Train Engineers in the room. All (22 FI) coaches in the room to understand how these meetings work
FI Product Manager Orientation Coaching Houston 2019-04-29 Orient Product Managers to LPM and leverage opportunity to do some roles and responsibilities
Architect Orientation Workshop Coaching / Training Houston 2019-04-26 2 X sessions to help Architects get situated in their new role. Based on SAFe and discussion at How Does The Role of Architect Change in Agile?
FI Projects Team Enablement envisioning / planning Coaching Houston 2019-04-26 Develop base plan for this transformation
Initial PI Planning (Big Room) for Data Center Compute Product Coaching Houston 2019-04-24 Big room Planning event for large Train. SAFe event.
Initial PI Planning (Big Room) for Branch Product Coaching Houston 2019-04-24 Big room Planning event for large Train. SAFe event.
Sense-making Experiment Learning Houston 2019-04-11 Learning about different approach to gathering data from a complex system. Cool.
Staff Development Guardrails Session Coaching Worldwide 2019-04-03 Session for newly formed staff development group to discuss developments we are seeing, and offer opportunity to address issues seen by our managers.
Employee motivation Webinar Learning Online 2019-03-14 Online seminar. My notes are at “You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday” - Gregg Lederman

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